Thursday, October 28, 2010

Happy Halloween Weekend!

How can you NOT luv Halloween?  You have to be a real-stick-in-the-mud to not enjoy the Fall, the silly and sometimes scary costumes, carved pumpkins, and the yummy candy.  It's fun for all ages - not just the kids.

So what's happening? 

Check this out - a Zombie Train ride on Friday night.  A Flashmob event.  How cool is that.  Just make sure to have an alternative way to get home from Folsom.  Also - check out this link too...  If i've read the RT fare rates correctly, the single fare ticket which is good for two hours is $25.  Check out RT here.

Ghost Tours of Old Sac.

Here's a massive list of the party scene for Halloween weekend.  Everyone should be able to find something that is frightfully right for you.