Wednesday, November 24, 2010

A Shoutout - Thanks!

Here’s a helloooo to all the work crews who have been busting their balls clearing the snow and getting the power back on in Northern CA. I was up in the Scott’s Flat area on Hwy 20 and the crews were tucked along the road in every nook and cranny. Snow plows, bucket trucks, front-end loaders, tree cutters, snow blowers, utility trucks – you name it – they were everywhere. I saw downed tree limbs everywhere too. PG&E had lines and electrical poles propped and crews were working furiously to repair the damage. What a mess – and on the day before Thanksgiving too. No one can predict or help what Mother Nature will dish out for us to deal with. So i’m glad you are there to keep us from freezing our butts off!

PG&E Storm Outages and Safety Page

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