Tuesday, December 14, 2010

Free Days at the Maidu Museum in Roseville!

Free Entrance Dec. 21st, 22nd, and 23rd!

I don’t know about you, but Christmas season has a way of breaking a balanced budget. Even if you put money away ahead of time and planned your shopping wisely, there’s more spending done than most of us would like. There’s always those unexpected parties, office gatherings, and children’s events that – well – we just didn’t plan for. So it comes with a great relief to see something offered at this time of year – free.

And not just “something” but an awesome place to visit. The Maidu Museum is brand new – just opened this year – it still has that “new building” smell. Recently, landscaping crews began their artistry around the entranceways – a project close to completion – i can hardly wait to see how it will bloom come springtime!

Do you and the kids like to watch the Discovery Channel? Well going to the Maidu Museum is like being in one of the shows – IRL! So now that the kids are off from school, the shopping is mostly done, and there’s little cash left in the bank, why not treat yourself to a visit – because it IS a treat! There are hands-on activities, beautiful works of art, guided tours, and brand new displays. And that’s just what’s inside – go out on the trail and get a whole new picture of how the Maidu people lived with the land!

The FREE DAYS won’t last – so get in while the getting’s good!

Free Days at the Maidu Museum start December 21st and run through December 23rd (Tues.-Thurs.). Free entrance to the Museum and Trail. Tours are given at 10 AM and 1 PM.

Operating hours for the week before Christmas:

Tues. – Thurs., 9 AM – 4 PM

Closed Fri., Dec. 24th through Mon., Jan. 3rd, 2011

For more information call: 916-774-5934 or visit their website at http://www.roseville.ca.us/parks/parks_n_facilities/facilities/maidu_indian_museum/default.asp

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