Thursday, March 3, 2011

Bok Kai Festival!


Everyone Loves a Parade!
March 5 &6, 2011 - Marysville, CA
The festivities of March start off with the spectacular and colorful Bok Kai parade in Chinatown, Marysville. This will be the 131st year of the Bok Kai festival which celebrates the Chinese New Year and honors Bok Kai, a Chinese water deity believed to keep Marysville safe from flooding. The Saturday parade is a huge affair, with marching bands, equestrian riders, dancers, martial artists, singers, and various performances. But the big treat that everyone waits for are the lion dancers and the Bok Kai Dragon! So colorful, so energetic! The Dragon coils and uncoils and weaves its sinewy body along the parade route. The best show is, of course, in front of the Bok Kai Temple where the Dragon and lion dancers converge to honor Bok Kai. Two-story long firecrackers are set alight and the scene is filled with celebration! I have performed in many a Chinese New Year parade – but Marysville has more firecrackers than any place i have been – including the parade in San Francisco! It’s fantastic!

Bombs Away!
The following day, March 6th, is “Bomb Day” where special “bombs” are made and set off at 4 PM. Both days offer tours through the Chinese American History Museum of Northern California and the Local History Archives.

Parade Details
The parade is on Saturday the 5th and starts at 11 AM on the corner of 6th and D Street and lasts approximately one hour. Come early, bring chairs and get a good seat. Immediately following the parade are performances which are held on 2nd Street between C and D Streets. There will also be vendors selling food and drinks all throughout this area.

Click for a calendar of events!

Map of Marysville

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