Friday, April 15, 2011

Doggies, Orchids, Maidu, and Kites! What a Spring!

The nicer the weather, the more the events. Which is a good thing if you’re looking for something to do this weekend. And there is no shortage of fun stuff – take a look –
(Please note – exact dates, time, event locations, directions, and other details are located on each link.)

A Doggie Easter - April 16th & 17th (different events)

Ah this just has fun written all over it! Doggie Easter egg hunts – yah for the doggies! Now, i am a cat person. I’ve had cats all my life.  People tease me that i will become a weird cat lady when i get old. I can neither confirm nor deny that accusation but i will confirm that public, social events with dogs can be doggone fun. Nobody has a better time than a dog surrounded by other dogs surrounded by proud owners who smother the dogs with treats and affection. Add to this, the happy enthusiasm that only a dog can give when set on a task – like hunting Easter eggs – and you’ve got one ecstatic puppy!

Easter Egg Hunt & Bonnet Contest for Dogs- A benefit for A Chance For Bliss, Citrus Heights – Saturday, April 16th
Spring Hill Easter Egg Hunt for Dogs – Sunday, April 17th

 Orchid Show - April 16th & 17th
So maybe dogs aren’t your thing. What about flowers? Spring is definitely the time for showing off the magnificence of Nature. And one of Nature’s finest examples of flowers is the elegant orchid. Despite the fact that the only orchid most people know are the ones that show up at the grocer’s or florist every spring, there are over 22,000 known orchid species and they are the second largest family of flowering plants. The Sacramento Orchid Society is holding a show over Saturday and Sunday at the Scottish Rite Temple across from Sac State University.

Maidu - April 17th
One of the Native American tribes who lived in the Sacramento region is the Maidu. They have a fascinating culture and we are very fortunate to have them here to celebrating spring in traditional style. The Maidu Museum in Roseville is holding a Yomen – a Maidu celebration of the leafing out of trees and flowers – spring! It’s an all-day event with crafts, demos, traditional Maidu dancing, games, storytelling, and much more so please come out and enjoy the museum and support the Maidu people!

 Make A Kite! - April 16th
This Saturday is the last day to get the chance to make a kite for a good cause. The Fountains in Roseville are sponsoring kite making with the proceeds going to the Make A Wish Foundation. Once you make your kite, it will be displayed until the following Saturday, April 23rd, when the Fountains will hold a kite flying contest. And who doesn’t love the simplicity of flying a kite? OK – well – it was never simple for me as i seem to have the unique ability of tangling a line just by looking at it! Anyway – come out and make the best, most awesome kite every made! Fun for the whole family!

Photograph by Rona Proudfoot - ronnie44052 on Flickr

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