Wednesday, May 25, 2011

The End...for now...

Well, i am very sad to say, but current Life is getting in the way of writing so i will not be able to keep this blog up along with all the other ones as well (i have three more).  I am, like so many out there, stressing over the possibility of being without an income and am spending all my time hunting down the slightest lead to a cash-paying job. 

I will continue to write for my other main blog, If It Were Real, and will occasionally post local events on that site.  This site will remain, however, i have removed the link from the former page to this site.  It's possible i will re-start it once things have stopped spinning out-of-control. 

I am sad - it was great fun roaming all over the greater Sacramento region and reporting the events.  Can't say that i've had much time - and certainly no money - to attend anything lately.

It's raining right now.  And that fits my mood...

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